car wheel balancing
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Why Is Car Wheel Balancing So Important?

Whether you have fitted a new tire or you have noticed a change in the feel of your drive you will need to look at the way your tires are balanced and search for a car mechanic close to me. Any unevenness in your tire can result in vibration that you will feel at speed through your steering. This can make your car dangerous as well as causing excessive and unnecessary wear to parts of your car such as the suspension, steering and of course the tires themselves.

When you mount and balance tires you need to ensure that you have it done professionally if you want to avoid expensive issues later. Having your wheels balanced when you have a new tire fitted is not an expensive or lengthy process. But it is something that you must have done by someone that really understands how it is done.

Is There Tire Mount and Balance Near Me?

Here at Dr. Brakes we offer a full range of services for professional tire balancing to prevent any issues with your motor vehicle. If you have any of the following done then you should always have your wheels balanced:

  • Fitting of a new tire or having them rotated
  • Rim or tire repair Coral Springs
  • You feel vibration through the steering
  • If you repair or change any suspension components
  • If there is uneven wear across your tires

Our experts will get the job done for you quickly and painlessly. Firstly the rim and the tire need to be cleaned to remove any debris and dirt. Then they simply mount your wheel onto our balancing machine which then spins your wheel at around 300 RPM. This allows the sensitive measures within the machine to highlight any areas which are not correctly balanced. Our team of industry experts will then add any required weights to the rim to correct the balance.

mount and balance tires

We Do More Than Just Mount and Balance Tires

Car wheel balancing is just one area in which we can support you. For your tires we can supply and fit the right types for your vehicle as well as providing a full range of alignment and repair services. We also provide a full range of preventative maintenance services as well as repair services. Our team works hard to get your car running just as it did when your first drove it off the lot.

All of our repairs and services are conducted by our highly trained and qualified staff that is committed to helping and your vehicle. All of our car parts and accessories are supplied at a price that you will find hard to beat anywhere in the Coral Springs area. We are a family business that is devoted to honesty and reliability in all of our dealings and we are confident that you will be fully satisfied with the support that we are able to provide you.

 Contact Dr. Brakes today to mount and balance tires perfectly for your vehicle with the help of our highly qualified technicians and the most up to date hi tech equipment.

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