replace struts and shocks
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The suspension system on all vehicles is a vital piece of equipment which not only lets you enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride when driving along, it also plays a major role in your car’s stability when turning and braking. Most people are unaware of the fact that worn-out front struts can actually hamper the breaking process and increase stopping distances by as much as 10 feet when travelling at 60 mph. They may also cause a lot of instability while steering and a loss of feedback.

Turning corners can also become more difficult as the vehicle will tend to lean over changing the whole camber or center of gravity. This will result in spinning out or a complete loss of control, so it is of the utmost importance that you always replace struts and shocks as soon as you detect any problems. Driving along on worn-out shocks or struts can actually affect other vital components and cost you more in the long-run because the added bouncing effect puts more strain on tires. Other suspension parts like control arm bushings, ball joints, tie rod ends and stabilizer bar end links will also wear-out quicker while fuel consumption will become higher at the same time.

By scheduling an appointment at our state of the art facility, our specialists will be able to give your vehicle a free inspection to check it over. They will investigate any concerns you may have and offer a detailed report on any problems they find.

car shock replacement

The Time to Replace Struts and Shocks

As technology progresses and materials become more durable, life spans do get longer but they are not indestructible. Your service manual will tell you when they should be replaced; often anywhere from 50,000 to 80,000 miles but they should always be fully inspected whenever the car is being serviced. Depending on driving conditions, testing shows that at about 50,000 miles, shocks and struts may be worn-out but there are other signs to indicate when it is time for a car shock replacement such as:

  • Any leaks from the strut bodies or shock
  • Uneven tire wear
  • A loss of steering response or strange noises when turning
  • Physical damage to the shock or strut body
  • Excessive vehicle bouncing
  • Damage, corrosion or wear to the mounts or bushings
  • The vehicle leans over when turning or lane changing
  • Excessive nose dive or pulling to the side when braking

When carrying out a car strut replacement or shocks for that matter, it is often best to opt for changing the complete assembly. While it may be slightly more expensive, it will cut down on the amount of work involved and also keep potential damages from occurring.

It is a tricky process to do by yourself as you will need to line up and hold the strut in place while also trying to insert bolts. However, once it is in place, it is a simple process to then torque the strut mount nuts up to spec then align the steering knuckle up with the strut flange and insert a bolt. It should be stated however that a full wheel alignment check will have to be carried out whenever any part of the suspension unit has been changed.

For complete professional help in deciding when you should replace struts and shocks that is always carried out with your safety in mind, call our workshop today, 954-883-9773, and schedule your free appointment!

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