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Concept cars are a magical thing. They don’t worry about silly, insignificant matters such as “practicality,” “functioning components,” or “safety.” Instead, concepts are the ultimate expression of the extremes of automotive design and technology. Designers and engineers are unleashed upon the world to create these insane, beautiful, and innovative takes on what it means to be an automobile, and we love them for it. Without further ado, here is a list of some of the rarest, coolest, craziest concept cars ever imagined.

Ferrari 512 S Modulo

The Ferrari 512 S Modulo is an example of just how bonkers Ferrari can be when they’re not worried about selling a vehicle. As close to flat as a car is ever likely to get, the 512 S Modulo is so low to the ground that the entire roof slides up and forward to allow entry into the cabin.

Ford GT 90

The Europeans don’t have a monopoly on crazy. This spiritual successor to the wildly successful racer, the GT 40, the quadruple turbocharged V12 in the developed 720 bhp and ran so hot the car needed space shuttle ceramics to keep from melting itself.

Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo

Many cars have made the jump from reality to video games, but few have been created for a video game and then built for real, which is exactly what happened with this stunner from Mercedes

GM Firebird XP-21

Space was all the rage in the 1950s, and what could be cooler than a rocket car? Nevermind the fact that this turbine-powered missile was practically guaranteed to crash in a fiery ball of death at any appreciable level of speed.

Ford Nucleon

This car was never actually built, and that likely has something to do with the fact that its designers intended it to be powered by a miniature fusion reactor. Collisions would have had explosive results.


Wrapped in a spandex fabric material, the GINA has a movable body frame, allowing it to morph into different shapes. The headlights open like eyelids, and the hood splits at the center, allowing mechanics to do open-engine surgery.

Peugeot Honey-B

A glass enclosed cabin offering 360 visibility. Hydrogen fuel cells for propulsion. Four wheel steering. None of these things compensates for the fact that this car looks like an enormous bee.

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