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1. Don’t Forget to Send Them a Holiday Card

They’re such great people. Awesome I tell ya. Can’t wait to invite them over for dinner.

2. …And Then I Lost It

Ah, the profound sentiments of soccer moms and dads everywhere. They’d give anything to get rid of those creepy family wagons.

3. When All Else Fails

When all else fails, sometimes you have to take a deep breath, close your eyes and just say it. Or do it. Or both.

4. We Can All Relate to This One

Isn’t that everyone’s story?

5. Lend a Helping Hand 

That’s about as sincere a request you can ask for.

6. No Missing Poster Signs Needed

Poor Fluffy. He was so adorable.

7. Revel in It

8. Just Keep Hitting F5 

Just keep tryin’ pal.

9. Friends with the Monster Under My Bed

I’ll stay out of your way…

10. He’s Got a Point

Made you look!

11. Now That’s a Novel Idea

I wonder how that worked out.

12. Perfection

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

13. Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

… You know, let’s just focus on the present, okay?

14. The Best Neighbors You Could Have

They liven up the neighborhood on a daily basis.

15. Oh Phooey! I’ve Been Tricked!

16. The Blind Leading the Blind 

I’m feeling so reassured right now.

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