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Top 10 Causes of Auto Accidents

1) Speeding

Speeding is hazardous to the driver as well as other nearby drivers and pedestrians. Fast speeds may prevent the driver to stop in emergent situations, turn properly, or control the vehicle’s alignment to avoid hitting other calls or running off of the road.


Cell phones, radios, pets, eating, and children are some of the more common distraction drivers may face on a daily basis. Many people learn to adjust to the situations, although it only takes 1 unexpected situation to cause a driver to lose concentration and lose control of their vehicle and cause an accident.

3) Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous and causes serious , and many times fatal car collisions due to the drivers lack of coordination and control.

4) Wreckless Drivers

People who do not care about their well being,or the safety of those around them will drive recklessly. They do not follow the rules of driving, and due to their careless navigation they tend to cause accidents.

5) In climate Weather

Snow, rain, sleet, and fog all count as hazardous driving conditions due to obstructed vision, black ice, water patches the cause cars to hydroplane, and windshield damage.

6) Running Red Lights

Running red lights is a traffic violation, which has caused many Vehicular accidents due to recklessly driving a vehicle.

7) Running Stop or Yield Signs

Running stop signs, like running traffic lights is a situation of recklessly driving or in some cases, being destracted,or speeding. It can cause drivers to run a traffic sign without noticing their mistake.

8) Inexperienced Drivers

New drivers can be hazardous to others due to their lack of experience. They have trouble knowing how to properly navigate the vehicle, particularly in major traffic.

9) Night Drivers

Although it is simple for most people, some individuals may have trouble driving at night due to vision difficulty. In some cases, headlights are an issue, Ani la

10) Vehicular Defects

In rare instances, cars may have malfunctions. Those malfunction may be caused by numerous different situations, but cause the driver to lose control and cause an accident. This allows malfunctions to make this list of top 10 causes of traffic accidents.

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