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Maybe you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to car refurbishments, from the guy who restored an old hearse and cruises around town with a coffin in the back to the survivalist who made sure he was ready for the zombie apocalypse with his tricked out van. However, you need to get a good look at a guy’s Mercedes Benz that became a labor of love.

When he got started, it looked like a complete hunk of junk. Most people would take a look at this car and say it’s time to go to the junkyard. However, one man had a vision, an idea that he could take something old and battered that could be transformed into a work of art.

It wasn’t easy. He had to start out with expanding foam, cardboard, and know-how. He went to work, filling in all the gaps, shaping and molding the exterior of the car, turning into something new.

Not satisfied to stop with the exterior, the body man had to tackle the interior. He covered it with a mixture of his own making, a top secret combination that could be the envy of all others. The final results were phenomenal.

When he was all done, the proud owner had a car that was like Cinderella coming out to the ball. Heads were turning and jaws were dropping the day this Mercedes sent on display at a car show.

What’s the moral of the story? Creativity and hard work can definitely make that diamond in the rough really shine. This complete overhaul of a car that would have been considered a total loss is an inspiration to others. It also teaches a lesson to a society that tends to throw everything away. Why not tap into the potential of an old car to turn it into something amazing? It might take time, resources, and innovation, but incredible car refurbishments can happen. Others might think you’re insane, but you’ll be smiling when you deck out your car. Take a lesson from this car and make your vision a reality.

It wasn’t easy to get from point A to point B, but it was definitely worth the effort. Most would agree that something only has value when you work for it. This guy really put his heart and soul into his Mercedes and came out with a beauty.

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