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The Best of the Houston Art Car Parade

Every year starting in 1986, Houston, Texas holds the largest art car parade in the world. People come from all over to show off the cars turned into works of art. With hundreds of cars entered into the parade in recent years, there are sure to be some gems. Here are some of the best art cars from the Houston Art Car Parade.

This car, accompanied by a roller skater, features a dog so shiny that he could fill in for a disco ball. The car also has two guitars crossed on the front. It’s called the Atomic Dog.

Kids may be baffled by this car, but adults will recognize it as a giant red rotary phone on wheels.

This old-timey looking car won the Major’s Cup award in this year’s parade. It is called the Tumbleweed Time Machine.

This giant metal chicken car won a first place price in the 2014 parade. It is called Hen-A-Tron and it was once towed away to an impound lot, where it didn’t fit in well with the other cars.

This Frankenstein-themed art car named Eyegore also won a first place price in the 2014 parade. No matter what side you’re on, there is an eye watching you.

This car with a giant spider on top was a winner of the 2014 parade. It is amusingly titled “Mom! Dad says ‘Have we got any bug spray?’ And then it went quiet…”

This car is the giant head of a triceratops and is called the Travisaur.us. It was made by elementary school students from Travis Elementary.

This somewhat terrifying car is called Wagner’s Brunhilde. The giant head has room in it for a person to ride around in the mouth. The title is in reference to a Valkyrie from Richard Wagner’s opera Der Ring des Niebelungen.

This peacock car is showing of his tail feathers. It is named Percy Peacock.

The car called the Big Banana Car will pay second banana to no one. It was made by two brothers out of an old pick-up truck.

The Red Stiletto car won the first place price in the Houston Art Car Parade all the way back in 1997.

This car from the 2011 parade is named Rex Rabbit and is made from a Volkswagen Rabbit.

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