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Maintaining your car is essential

For those who don’t spend a lot of time in the garage under the hood, car maintenance can seem very daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Regular preventive maintenance is probably the single brake replacementthing you can do as a car owner to keep your ride happy and save money on costly repairs in the future. However, not everyone agrees on what preventive maintenance is, what you should do, and when you go for vehicle repair. Here at Dr. Brakes we have 6 preventative maintenance services we perform that we believe are essential to making your vehicle safe, comfortable, reliable, and most importantly drivable. By keeping up with automotive preventive maintenance you will extend the life of your car, improve fuel efficiency, and increase the longevity of your vehicles performance.

General car preventive maintenance

Your general car preventive maintenance includes oil being drained from your vehicle, an auto diagnostic inspecting or testing the condition of car  subsystems (e.g., engine) and servicing or replacing parts and fluids. How often the various components in your car should be checked depend on the part in question. Some pieces should be checked on a monthly basis where as others can be evaluated annually. Checking your oil and changing it regularly is an extremely important part of preventative maintenance. Most older model vehicles come equipped with a dipstick that allows you to check the oil’s color and level. Newer model vehicles have replaced the dipstick with an electronic gauge. It’s hard to make a universal recommendation for how frequently you should change your oil but going by what the manufacturer has suggested in the owner manual is always the best way to decide approximately when you should be getting your vehicle serviced for an oil change.
Checking your tires pressure and tread should be done monthly. You wouldn’t want your tires to be too flat nor overinflated for it would have an effect on your overall fuel efficiency. Also getting your tires rotated, balanced, and alignment checked is important to make sure they wear evenly and you’re your car driving smoothly. Getting your tires rotated and balanced not only make your tires last that much longer but they keep you from having issues with your alignment.Another good thing to evaluate on a monthly basis would be checking your vehicles fluid levels. You wouldn’t want to run out of antifreeze, coolant, break, or power steering fluids. By keeping an eye on these fluids you can also be aware of any leaks in any of these fluid containers. In some cases you can see the tank levels, but most have dipsticks or gauges that you can pull out to check the levels. The most important part of checking these fluids is to make sure there are no leaks. Leaks can lead to costly repairs if ignored over time. Replacing the engines air filter regularly is also an important task. You can usually find a mileage estimate for replacing it in the owner’s manual but it vehicle repairreally depends more on how you drive and where you drive. If you drive a lot especially on long commutes in stop and go traffic the engine air filter will get dirtier than someone who drives only on the weekends or only on open roads. Also replacing the cabin air filter is probably one of the easiest things you can do to keep your car comfortable. It may not be a critical to your car’s overall operation but it makes the ride more pleasant for all the passengers.

Changing your spark plugs is another critical component that can be easily overlooked. If your spark plugs are covered in buildup or worn out, chances are your engine isn’t working efficiently. Not only can this cost you money in fuel, but it can ultimately lead to an untimely breakdown. Again you can turn to your trusty owner manual to get a good gauge on when to change the plugs.
Another key to keeping your car running optimally is a good battery connection. By simply popping the hood and visually checking the condition of your battery you can save yourself the frustration of going to start your car only to hearing the dreaded dead battery sound. Cleaning the posts of the white residue that often builds up could keep your battery alive longer and running stronger.
Your car’s radiator and cooling systems need to be clean to work effectively and efficiently. Normal wear and tear will lead your car’s radiator to build up deposits that can negatively affect the cooling system. Consulting your owner’s manual for when a radiator flush is necessary is always the way to go.
Replacing your brake pads is another basic procedure that is important to your safety on the roadways. A universal recommendation for changing your break pads is every 20,000 miles but every model and manufacturer are different and checking the owner manual is always the best way to know for sure. A lot of stop and go driving will ensure you need to change your pads more often than someone who doesn’t drive as often nor in as much stop and go traffic.

Dr. Brakes Coral Springs

Here at Dr. Brakes we have 6 particular preventative maintenance services we perform that we believe are vital to the health of your automobile. These services include; air conditioning performance test to make sure that everything is running perfect. Air cabin and fuel filter replacement to ensure you only breathe the finest air while driving. Automatic transmission service check to guarantee that your car is safe to drive at all times. Brake replacement and brake fluid service check so you can be confident that you’ll always be able to stop in time. Cooling system service check to make sure that your whole vehicle stays the right temperature. Power steering fluid service check to enable you to drive away comfortably and without expending extra energy on maneuvering your car. These are just a few basic preventative maintenance measures that every vehicle needs to keep it on the road running in peak condition. These procedures not only extend the life of your vehicle but can save you a ton on costly repairs in the long run.

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