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It’s that time of day again, and whether you’re dreading the grind or itching to unwind, there’s a snarled mess of rubber and metal standing between you and virtually anywhere.

Welcome to Miami.

No worries though, we’re here to help you cope with 10 things you can do with all your in-car free time.

Listen to an Audiobook
You always meant to read the classics, remember? Well, here’s your chance. Audiobooks are a great way to catch up on your reading without actually doing any physical reading. The most talented narrators even help to make the whole experience immersive and entertaining.

Listen to a Podcast
Podcasts were made for times like these. Whether you want to catch up on the latest tech news or just listen to some quality humor, they’re an engaging and interesting way to pass the time.

Learn a New Language
You’re never too old to stop learning, and it’s never too late to pick up a new language. Whether you want to practice for your trip to France or just impress your significant other at the local Italian joint, rush hour is the perfect time to use an audio language pack.

Listen to Old Favorites
While many CD collections have been banished to the basement (or the attic) with the rise of digital media, you loved some of those albums for a very clear-cut reason. Your car also likely has a CD player. You know what to do from there.

An Apple a Day…
Passive eating is a thing, and a great many people do it. Instead of chowing on chips or (worse) fast food in the car, keep the doctor away with a healthy apple. Studies have even shown that eating an apple 50 minutes before dinner will suppress a person’s appetite, deterring them from overeating.

Call Mom
You know you don’t do it often enough. We don’t either. Rush hour is the perfect time not just to catch up with mom, but also with any friends or relatives you’ve been neglecting throughout the daily grind. They may even be stuck in rush hour too!

If you want to be the king of the crossword like your grandfather was, you’d better get to practicing. You can do the one in the daily paper, or buy books filled with them. If crosswords aren’t your thing, sudoku is a good alternative. Just make sure the car is stopped while you’re working.

Sing It!
We all sing in the car. All of us. You can do more than just sing along with the top 40 hits, though. Find a vocal improvement program on a CD or in an audio file, challenge your vocal chords, and send us a check when your first record goes platinum!

Declutter Your Wallet
Not going anywhere for a while? Now’s the time to empty out all those old receipts and business cards. You know you’re not going to fill up all those stamps on your rewards card, and so did they when they handed it to you.

Clench Your Cheeks
Working out can be time-consuming, especially when it comes to the hard to reach muscles like the glutes. And though it may sound silly–and look even sillier to anyone who happens to glance over from the next car–working on your glutes while you’re waiting in traffic can be worth it. Try clenching your cheeks to raise yourself up about an inch in your seat, hold it for five seconds or more, then release and repeat. Work it!

There you have it, some simple uses for all of that time you spend waiting, and waiting, and waiting (and waiting) in Miami’s famous gridlock. Rise above it by kicking back and enjoying your time while everyone else stresses and frets.

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