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Usually once an individual starts driving the rules to worry about across the country are pretty uniform, but Miami has a set of rules all to itself. Drivers in Miami are a true breed of their own and can prove to make transportation around the city in a motor vehicle very difficult. Listed below are 10 things that only Miami drivers have to worry about.

1. No One Ever Uses Their Turn Signal

In Miami, driving is completely on the fly. Turn signals are next to never used. How often turn signals are used on vehicles in Miami can be compared to how often the airbags on the same vehicles are used. It is a common practice to drive without using a turn signal for locals throughout the city.

2. You Have To Know How To Use Your Horn

In most cities, horns on a vehicle are not used on a regular occurrence. Horns are usually only used in times of need, but in Miami, horns are used almost every time a driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle. If you sit at a stop light that has turned green for more than a blink of an eye, a horn will be honked. If another driver in any way feels that you are not going fast enough, a horn will be honked. Miami truly puts the horn in a vehicle to use daily.

3. If You Miss An Exit, It Is No Big Deal

It is common practice in Miami to swerve through a median if you miss your exit. In the city, it is unheard of to drive to the next exit and backtrack to where you need to be.

4. Stop Signs Mean Yield

In most places throughout America, a stop sign truly means stop, but in Miami, it is a totally different case. Unless there is a long line of cars lined up coming from the other direction, a stop sign just means yield.

5. When Making A Left Turn, Make Sure You Are Completely In The Intersection

Miami is such a busy city that it is considered normal practice to get completely in the intersection while trying to make a left turn. This practice is considered common courtesy to the locals because it allows a couple more cars to inch out also and when the light turns, you and all of the followers can run the red light to turn left.

6. Tickets From Red Light Cameras Are Simply Discarded

The city has in recent times installed red light cameras to try and deter motorists from running red lights while turning left and other obnoxious driving practices, but it does not affect the locals of Miami. When traffic violations are written for running a red light turning left, it is simply laughed at and discarded.

7. If You Are In A Wreck Odds Are The Other Driver Will Not Have Insurance

It is required in Miami to have insurance on your motorized vehicle, as it is in many other places, but the ticket for not having insurance in Miami is much less than actually paying to have insurance on your vehicle. If two motorists are in a collision, the odds are one if not both of the drivers will not have insurance.

8. Drunk Driving Is A Common Practice

Since the city is a rougher all around city for violence and other crime, drunk driving is one of the lowest priorities on the police’s agenda. It is very common to see drunk drivers driving home.

9. Pedestrians Are Considered Speed Bumps

Pedestrians in the city of Miami are simply considered speed bumps. It is fully the pedestrians responsibility in the city to stay out of the way of motorized vehicles at all times.

10. Multiple Lanes Have To Be Crossed To Turn

It is a simple fact of the road that in Miami to turn off of a road the driver has to jump several lanes of traffic at once to make the turn.

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