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Everyone who lives year-round in Miami can tell you that–unlike other parts of the world–summer does not give way to fall until around Halloween, if not later. And after more than 6 months of tropical humidity, local residents are typically waiting with anticipation for the winter months, when both the humidity levels and temperatures fall.

If you are a new resident, or you simply do not want to miss the shift from fall to winter, here are 10 signs that it is the season that they call “winter” in Miami:

1. You can breathe. Finally.

Welcome to the dry season in Miami. In winter, those extremely humid climates give way to a warm and dry season where the air feels thinner and bogs your lungs down less, and you can even go more than a day without washing your hair before it gets greasy.

2. Goodbye Hurricane Ads

It can be very frustrating to be reminded on a daily basis through TV and billboards that a hurricane could be right around the corner. With the hurricane season running from June to November on the Atlantic coast, winter means that residents experience a dip in weather advertisements and those warnings that keep interrupting your favorite mid-afternoon DVR’d soap opera.

3. The streets are full of tourists.

When weather around the nation cools down (with “cooling down” being an obvious understatement), typically it’s time for tourism to heat up in Miami. The months of December, January and February are the busiest tourist months down south, so when the streets are filled with tourists you know winter played a part in driving them down here.

4. Restaurants are fully booked. 

If you enjoy visiting a beach restaurant without a reservation, think again in the winter. During this season, the weather gets to be in the 70’s and 80’s, typically with blue skies above. With the added bonus of families coming together for the holidays between December and January, we recommend you get on the phone and put your name on the list before making the trek out to your favorite dining establishment.

5. The palm trees are decorated. 

Miami is the place to be for a tropical Christmas. It may not feel that traditional at first–especially if you’re from a place where snow and leave-less trees are the marked sign that the holidays have arrived–but you will celebrate in style at a warm destination, surrounded by decorated palm trees, light sculptures, festive shows, and Christmas decor. No shovel required.

6. Art, art and more art. 

Those who have been in Miami for more than just a year know that winter is the season to go art crazy. Not only is December when the famous Art Miami fair is held, the International Art Fair comes to town just weeks later. The steadily growing Art Basel also takes place in the Wynwood district and on South Beach.

7. Cultural Immersion

Winter is the time when Miamians who love cultural events immerse themseves in something new. With plays, music festivals, and other events coming to town, the increased cultural experience signifies winter is near.

8. Constant Retail Reminders. 

It is part of the industry to advertise seasonal sales as soon as winter is officially here. If you are preparing for Black Friday sales or you are comparing sales for electronics and toys, you are living in a Miami winter wonderland.

9. Everyone is drinking pumpkin spice lattes.

Starbucks is undoubtedly the coffee house of choice in Miami. So it’s no wonder then that as soon as their infamous pumpkin spice latte is available, lines are suddenly out the door, filled with people who have been waiting to order their favorite winter beverage.

10. Wardrobes will include jackets. 

We can say with complete surety that multiple clothing layers is not a thing in Miami. Residents do tend to need a light jacket or trench in the cool winter evenings though, a welcome change from the tank tops and shorts they’re accustomed to wearing.

There you have it. Even though Miamians experience an entirely different winter than most other Americans, there are a few signs that prove South Florida enjoys a unique winter of its own.

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