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Nowadays, before getting behind the wheel of an actual car, future (and current) drivers are able to hone their driving skills using a controller and their nearest gaming console.

With that in mind, we bring you the ten best racing videos games of all-time.

#10) Daytona USA
First introduced to the video game world in 1994, Daytona USA quickly became one of the most popular racing games of the 90’s. Players were meant to feel like they were competing in a legitimate NASCAR race, adding to the realism that would become a staple of the industry.

#9) Super Mario Kart
Developed by Nintendo, Mario Kart allowed people of all ages to compete in head-to-head action, with power-ups and weapons that you could toss at your opponents. Although the graphics are considered to be simple by today’s standards, the overall fun was second to none.

#8) Project Gotham Racing 3
This thrilling video game allowed players to choose from several high-powered super cars. Players were awarded points based on their ability to make incredible driving maneuvers, and get across the finish line.

#7) Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition
If you are a street racing fan, this video game will definitely get your adrenaline pumping. Featuring motorcycles and fast cars, players have the ability to modify their vehicle to the max. One of the premier street racing games of its time.

#6) Dirt 2
Based on the concept of rally style racing, Dirt 2 is one of the most competitive games to hit the market. Unlike some of the other racing games though, Dirt 2 allows multiple players to partake in the excitement.

#5) Tourist Trophy: The Real Riding Simulator
When this motorcycle racing game first hit the scene in 2006, most people were amazed by its realism. Based off the same game engine used to create another major staple of the racing genre–Gran Turismo–Tourist Trophy gave players maximum control over their bikes, even allowing the entire experience to be fully customizable, down to their riding gear.

#4) Road Rash 3
Although this game is over 20 years old, it is still among the best racing games ever made. The on-road violence and the game’s awesome soundtrack captivated players, while the realistic (at the time) graphics kept eyes glued to the screen. Many fans are still hoping for a reboot of this game. We second that.

#3) Need for Speed: Underground 2
The Need for Speed series has always been known for delivering hours of gaming fun, but few have had the success of the Need for Speed: Underground subtitles. With enhanced graphics, a wide range of customizable vehicles, and great driving controls, nothing beats the thrill of the race, especially when you’re outrunning supercharged highway patrol cars.

#2) F-Zero GX
This game series set in the distant future delivered eye-bulging action in 1990 that helped to create a racing franchise for Nintendo that would last until 2004. Depicted in a mythological world, F-Zero GX allowed gaming enthusiasts to use every ounce of their imagination while racing high-speed futuristic vehicles at break-neck speeds.

#1) Gran Turismo 5
Gran Turismo has long been considered the bar for realism and technology in the racing game genre. With Gran Turismo 5, racers were offered a very unique racing experience. Participants chose between a wide variety of different vehicles, including WRC and NASCAR race cars, while placing themselves in one of the most realistic game settings ever created.

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