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Gas prices are on the rise! Here at Dr. Brakes, we would like to share some painless tips to help save on gas mileage in the near future. Gas mileage is important to know about because if mindful about using it can save the driver tons of money in the long run. It is known throughout the automotive industry that gas prices are increasing. One has to be mindful of the fact that the average driver travels a great deal during a given month. The driver could be going to work, school, home, and plenty of other activities. The average driver doesn’t realize how much gas is being used up throughout all that time because of how occupied they are in everyday life. Some factors to be aware of are how gas prices have been growing, why local car service is important, Tire use, and keeping the car light. All of these can amount to significant savings on gas mileage once conscious of.

Gas Prices Have Been Increasing

Gas prices are on the rise in South Florida. This is due to the internal and external factors that play a part in Florida’s economy. In the year 2016, the average price of gas for retail was 1.85 $ per gallon. While in 2018 it has risen to a whopping 2.76 $ per gallon (Per EIA). This is an astonishing 49% increase in the past two years alone. If this trend is any indication of what’s to come in the near future one will have to learn how to be efficient with how local car servicethey use, their gas. Economic factors that play a part in why gas prices are increasing vary from taxes, seasonal changes, to even location. These economic factors are good to know because these will put the driver ahead of the curb when gas prices rise. Tax is a part of the everyday consumer buying process, In Florida, there is a federal tax of 18 cents per gallon. This is the set tax rate in this era of gas prices, but who’s to tell if that will not change once gas prices increase. Florida is known for its storms most importantly hurricanes and I am not talking about the Miami Hurricanes. Hurricane season is known for its surging gas prices when the storm is confirmed to hit. This is simple supply and demand, make sure during hurricane season to get gas a few days before a storm is about to make way so that you can avoid high gas prices and long lines. Location is key for getting gas on a normal basis. Knowing the location of where you get gas is key to saving. This is due to the different gas prices are in densely populated areas to underpopulated areas. When gas is increasing try to head to the least populated areas to save a few cents on the gallon. Remember Efficacy is key especially when gas prices are going to increase in the future.

Why Maintenance Is Important

Maintenance is important to improve on gas mileage and there is no doubt about it. Think about it, every person tries to keep his or her bodies at peak performance inside and out. For example, runners that run in marathons maintain their bodies with healthy food and drinks to help perform above expectations. The same goes for vehicles, proper maintenance is key to improve on gas mileage. The maintenance that vehicles need could be done at an automotive service shop like Dr. Brakes.

Tune-ups – Every vehicle new or old needs a tune every once and awhile. A tune up is like a doctor’s appointment for the vehicle. The diagnosis is needed to find out if there is anything hindering the vehicle, this could often lead to finding out what parts are wasting gas while the car is in use.

Change filters – Dirty filters do no justice for gas mileage. Dirty filters decrease performance because less air can get into the engine which means the car is using more energy or gas to accelerate. Therefore, wasting more gas. The exceptional part of a new filter is that it puts less of a burden on the engine by allowing air to flow seamlessly into the engine.

Tire Information

Tire Alignment – Proper alignment is key to improving gas mileage because it keeps the vehicle from drifting in one direction. This is necessary because car repair near methe further along off course the vehicle strays the more gas is consumed and wasted. For example, in bowling, if we roll the ball a tad bit off course; the ball is going to toward the gutter. The gutter could be viewed as the wasted gas when you’re not driving on course. Don’t get a gutter ball stay the course with proper alignment.

Tire Inflation – Air pressure plays a pivotal part in improving gas mileage because the more air that’s in the tire the less the engine has to work. This effect results in less gas being used up. Tire efficiency is effective on your wallet because when your tires are running smoothly the gas mileage is too.

Dr. Brakes Tips

What to look out for:

Idling – One must avoid this because it is unnecessary. Idling could be defined running the vehicle when it is not being used. Some instances of idling cannot be changed like waiting in traffic, at a stoplight, and waiting outside the house. Try to be mindful, when driving sometimes one can be on autopilot because driving is a second nature and Idling might be part of the routine.

A Light Load – Try to keep the vehicles load light the reason is that the lighter the car the less strain is put into the engine and tires which results in improving gas mileage as stated above.

In conclusion, trying to improve on gas mileage could be no easy feat. All one has to do is be mindful and how one vehicle is being put to the test. These items can vary from increasing gas prices, why you should head to Dr. Brakes USA when you search up “car repair near me”, and why tires are important on saving on gas. Here at Dr. Brakes, we want to help you save on gas. This could be done with our state of the art facility to help improve your vehicle through maintenance and state of the art tips from our professional technicians!

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