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Tinting your windows is crucial in Florida. It enhances the exterior appeal of your vehicle, and in the Floridian heat, it ensures your car will be substantially cooler in temperature than those that lack window tint. Nevertheless, the laws in Florida regarding window tint are stated plainly and getting around these laws is not necessarily a walk in the park.

The Law

In Florida, your windshield can be tinted up to 28% on the top portion. Your front windows, driver and passenger, too, can be tinted up to 28%, meaning they must allow 28% of the natural light to enter. The rear windows, however, may be tinted up to 15%. Furthermore, the law requires a sticker denoting the shop in which you had the tint applied. This law has been in effect since 1991 and is moderately enforced by most Floridian traffic authorities.

Ways to Avoid that Ticket

With a documented medical condition, Florida allows the window tint on your car to be slightly darker than those without a medical condition. For those who do not have a medical condition, however, the fines can pile up quickly. As of 2005, the fines for window tinting is $116 per infraction. So, if all of your windows are tinted so much as 5% more than the legal limits, you’ve racked up over $500 in fines – not to mention the cost of legalizing your windows again. A window tent of 15% is fairly dark as it is, so the best way to ensure you do not get ticketed would be to take your car to a reputable shop to have the tint applied. By doing so, you will rest assured that the tint has been applied professionally, and you will leave with a sticker proving that you have abided by the law – or the shop has assured you that your tint is up to legal regulations.

In Florida, many traffic patrollers look past window tint and go for bigger and badder fish. Nevertheless, you do notwant to get caught with windows that are darker than they are allowed to be. By taking your car to the shop, you’re covering all the bases and avoiding fines that cost an arm and a leg.

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