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In today’s day and age, the automobile is the main form of transportation across the nation and almost everyone old enough to drive either has a car or a valid driver’s license. To be more specific, there are over 253 million cars on the road in the United States and about 84% of households own at least one car. When referring to all of these cars, the average age of each car is about 11.4 years old. This is a pretty old age for cars considering the fact that the average lifespan for a car is between eight to fifteen years. You can also go by miles driven to determine the average lifespan of a car, which would be between 150,000 miles and 300,000 miles. Since there are so many cars on the road, it is important to know about what car services you can have done that will maximize its efficiency and lifespan.

What Goes Into a Car Service

Depending on the place you take your car for car service or maintenance, it is common for certain places to offer more services than others. Whether it is because of not having the proper equipment or enough people on staff, all car specialists have a few different services to offer. Taking your car in for service is similar to going to your practician for a yearly physical. When going for a physical the doctor asks you to perform some basic movements and also does many tests to make sure that no part of the body is not functioning as it should be. If the doctor notices that one part of the body is not performing as it should, more serious tests are performed to help fix that problem. This is very similar to how car service works when you bring your car into the technician. These technicians will conduct multiple tests on your car to make sure that it is running as smooth, reliable, and efficient as it should be.

There are many specific tests that go into a car service, and all of these tests are in place to ensure that your car is running how it should. We will briefly go over the most basic services that are usually offered. Some of the common tests that technicians perform on your car are:

  • Basic / Interim Service
  • Full Service
  • Oil and Filter change
  • Manufacturers Service

-During a basic or interim service, it starts with a visual inspection in order to find out if there or any aspects of the vehicle that looks out of the ordinary and need help immediately. After the visual inspection, all of the key fluids in your car will be topped off. The key fluids in your car include, but are not limited to brake fluid, washer fluid, antifreeze and steering fluid. In addition to your brakes being looked at, there are roughly 35 other key components that get looked at during the basic/interim car service to make sure your car is running to its potential. It is important to note, as mentioned earlier, that each garage is different and the services offered may differ depending on the store and location.

-Another service that is offered from technicians when bringing your car in for car service is referred to as full service. When comparing the full service to the basic/interim service, the full service offers everything that was previously mentioned for the basic/interim service and more. The only thing that is different about the full service is that there are additional car checks that focus on a few specific components of the car. These extra checks take roughly ten to twenty minutes longer in addition to all of the services offered in the basic service. It is important to note that if a technician finds additional problems within the car, it will be more costly and take longer to complete depending on the problem at hand.

-One of the most basic car services that are offered when you take your car into a technician is an oil and filter change. This is one of the most important services offered as it helps your car run more reliable and more fuel efficient. Your car filter needs to be checked regularly because it can become clogged with dust and debris causing your car to spend more energy to keep it running as it should. When doing an oil and filter change, technicians also do basic visual inspections on the car to see if there are any noticeable malfunctions that need to be worked on immediately.

-Lastly, there is a manufacturers service offered and this is the most thorough check of all aspects of the car. This check goes over everything that is offered during the full service in addition to many other inspections on the car. This service should go over every element of the car dealing with the typical wear and tear of the automobile, all the way to the service and maintenance offered. Within these services, inspections range from as basic as a windshield wiper test to as complex as a full break check and charging systems check. Once an issue is found, additional tests will be taken to figure out a solution to that specific problem at hand.

Services Offered at Dr. Brakes USA

At Dr. Brakes we take pride in relaying all of the information about what is going on with your car directly to the customer at hand. We also find it important to offer tips to the customer on how to prevent certain problems from coming up with their car. If you neglect to look after your car in the right ways, especially when dealing with your vehicle’s maintenance, you will spend a lot more money having to fix the problems that keep arising with your car when in reality it can be easily preventable. These preventable issues can be from forgetting to change your oil, not telling your technician about previous issues or services that were recorded on your car, or driving with tires that lack tread and are not at the correct tire pressure.
Our engine repair shop is staffed with the highly trained mechanics and engineers who are dedicated to fixing whatever problem your car might have while saving you the stress of having to worry about it. We offer over 15 different services that range from an engine repair all the way to fuel injection and fixing your transmission services. The main question that our staff is constantly being asked is, “How often do I need to get my car serviced.” Our rule of thumb at Dr. Brakes is that every car should be serviced every 12 months or 12,000 miles. We suggest that you service your car this frequently so we can make sure your car is running to its potential. As a result of this frequent service, your car will be running more reliable and efficient than ever imaginable.

Trust The Professionals at Dr. Brakes

We know that taking your car in for service can be a very timely and stressful experience. That is why our mechanics and staff are held to the highest standards possible to help guarantee that your car service will be stress-free. There are many services that go into the average car diagnostic, but at Dr. Brakes we take it a step further by providing every service for your car that you can think of. Not only will we fix the initial problem, but we will look for any additional issues that may be detrimental to your car’s performance. When taking your car into Dr. Brakes we have two main priorities. The first is your car’s performance and the second is your personal safety when driving. Give us a call at (954) 883-9773 to see why you can always count on the professionals at Dr. Brakes to handle any car problems you may run into.[/column]

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