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Here’s a sentence you never thought you’d read: Japanese gangsters have taken to customizing their Lamborghinis with neon paint, vinyl wraps and rainbow LED lights. Why neon? Why Lamborghinis at all? Only the yakuza know. Here are just a few of their craziest specimens.

How much do you think this vehicle is worth? Its owner isn’t telling, but he must have spent $10,000 or $20,000 at the very least. Inlaid LED lights aren’t cheap, and to make them roam around the car like that, it would’ve required some serious modding.

Tron has nothing on the Japanese aesthetic. This futuristic Lamborghini has been customized with lights down to its very rims, making it look like something at least 200 years ahead of its time.

Who says manga is for kids? Laugh at his design if you’d like, but in order to afford this, he probably makes way more money than you. He probably has gangster buddies on speed dial as well, and they’ll come for your pinky if you try to mock his pretties.

This Diablo GT is owned by a very pleasant man named Morohoshi-san. Its originating video is unclear about what he does for the Japanese underworld, but he smiles broadly when the host says, “Last month, when you abducted me and brought me here…”

Another Diablo GT, this one sacrificed outside lights for a cool, sci-fi interior in a glowing blue. Look carefully and you’ll even see that they’re arranged in a beaded pattern instead of the traditional light bars. These are trickier to install but much cooler when you can pull them off.

Ladies, this one is for you. A cheetah-print Lamborghini is slick enough, but when you throw in the hot-rod red gleaming underneath the frame and lighting a trail of fire across the road, you’re officially driving in style.

There’s so much going on with this car that it’s hard to decide where your eyes should settle. The beaded LED lights are probably the first thing you notice, but then the customized headlights become apparent. Then you see the scissor doors have been decked out as well.

All right, this is some wicked vinyl. Maybe the yakuza are actually onto something.

These are just a few Lamborghinis that are currently on the streets of Japan. Before you laugh at them too much, however, remember 1975’s Graveyard of Honor.

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