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Did you find those family decals annoying after seeing them for the hundredth time? It’s not enough for those people to just have and enjoy their family, no, they’ve got to buy the sticker to show their family off to the guy they just cut off on the highway. Well, as annoying as those stickers are this sketch is kind of endearing.

Who needs to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive paint job when you can improvise? I can barely tell the difference.

Much like pants that come with holes in the knees and dust stains on the thighs, maybe there should also be some luxury cars that come looking used and filthy. There, I’ve taken a joke and given you a million dollar idea.

When you look to see who is blasting rap music over your NPR talk-show and you see this it’s hard to stay mad, right? Why the excited passenger is not riding in the passenger seat will always remain a mystery. It’s the dirt-art version of the Mona Lisa smile.

Here’s the opposite end of the spectrum of car portraits. Call the dust police.

There’s nothing like a simple reminder of your favorite team’s terrible Super-Bowl loss to really put a damper on your day. I suppose this is funny to everyone except the driver. Well, the driver and Payton Manning.

Despite how much you paid for a car with a lion insignia it will never stand a chance against Godzilla. And just look at the artist’s attention to detail, there is even the Fuji Mountain. To be fair, at least the lion has got a chance. The Dodge Ram would just be a sacrifice.

Weddings are expensive and you’ve got to cut costs somewhere. Plus, the window hearts really add a nice touch. Heck, the dust makes it so private that they could probably have the honeymoon in the car.

This person has taken the meaning of having a dirty car to a whole new level.

This is uplifting and depressing. Of course, no one wants to walk to work. One the other hand, who doesn’t want to be Christopher Walken? After all, he puts his pants on just like you, but when his pants are on he makes gold records.

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