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10 Hilarious Donks – The funniest car mods from South Florida
The Donk, which claims origins in 1990s south Floridian car culture, is kind of like the herpes of the custom car world; glaringly obvious, generally hated, and impossible to get rid of. Donks are ostentatiously painted and ride high on comically oversized wheels with jacked up suspension. These ride packages can run anywhere from a couple grand to tens of thousands of dollars. Often, the rims cost more than the boxy 70s GM beater they are bolted on to. You can find some of our (least) favorite examples of these cruisers below.

You had your time in the limelight, Corvair; this donk redefines the phrase “unsafe at any speed.” If the fall to the asphalt from the driver’s seat doesn’t get you, the cabin coming crashing to earth when your suspension fails will.

Brand name wraps are a common trend on donks, and owners try to outdo one another on just how ridiculous theirs can get. This lifted YooHoo-mobile looks like a banana that’s had an unfortunate encounter with a sewage treatment plant.

Good old Mickey D’s. Too bad the driver of this clown car will be too high up on his decal-indicated 26 inch rims to reach the drive through window.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I love that Mercedes logo, but I just wish it was about thirty times larger and attached to my car’s axle.” Well, have we got the donk for you!

This is the mullet of motor vehicles. Rolls Royce (business) up front and American muscle (party!) in the back, this chimeric monstrosity is finished off with chrome rims that cost more than your house. We sort of hope what happens in Vegas really does stay in Vegas.

We know donk builders love big American sedans, and what is bigger or more american than a Crown Vic? But there’s just something innately hilarious about mounting a working taxi high up on 28s.

In the south Florida car culture, bigger is better. So the logical conclusion for the most donk-tastically amazing (and by amazing we mean hilariously awful) vehicle of them all is clearly this muddy-red, chrome accented stretch limo.

Almost as hilarious as Deadmau5’s Nyan-rarri (pic to link to: http://thesupercarkids.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/6930585_orig.jpg), Nothing says “hard” quite like a Spongebob-themed ride.

If this countdown has left you a bit queasy, don’t worry—pepto-donk has you covered.

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