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Being an adult can be a decided advantage over being a kid in many situations. Want to drive a car? Fine. Stay out all night? Go ahead. Eat an entire carton of ice cream for dinner? Your choice.

However, this is the one time of year when many adults find themselves missing their childhood, and that unabashedly candid excitement that comes along with waking up on Christmas morning to open presents.

Regardless, some adults still get butterflies in their stomach on the night before Christmas, especially when they know they’re about to get something that’s right up their alley.

With that in mind, we came up with ten Christmas gifts that promise to have any car enthusiast jumping for joy these holidays.

NASCAR racing fans will certainly enjoy the thrill of receiving tickets to an upcoming event. Although the NASCAR season does not officially start until February, most people will be more than happy to wait, especially if they’ve got the tickets sitting in front of them so they can stare and pant in anticipation.

GoPro cameras allow car enthusiasts to safely record every moment of their time behind the wheel. Not only are these nifty cameras very easy to use, but the video quality is both high-quality and impressive.

True car enthusiasts understand the importance of having a high-quality pair of driving gloves. Aside from the grip benefits, gloves also provide increased tactile sensation of the road beneath the car while also protecting the driver’s hands. Gloves are especially beneficial for drivers who plan on traveling during the winter.

Sunglasses are more than just a mere fashion accessory. As most people know, the sun’s distracting glare can be the difference between a great driving experience and an annoying one. Plus, they look cool.

From teenage car fans to veteran race car drivers, everyone needs to keep a tool kit in their ride. Instead of calling a tow truck, the driver will be able to make quick repairs while on the road. Tool kits vary in cost, so remember to budget accordingly.

Radar Detector
Nobody likes being pulled over by the police. Gifting somebody a radar detector can help them stay abreast of police vehicles when they’re on the road, helping drivers to avoid unwanted and unnecessary tickets.

Remote Control Car
Believe it or not, a remote-controlled car can be almost as fun as the real thing. Some of the high-powered (and higher-priced) models can even reach speeds in excess of 75 mph!

Racing Lessons
Nothing beats the heart-pumping sensation of driving a fast car on a race track. A professional racing lesson promises to put a smile on the face of any car-lover.

Video Games
Today’s racing video games are as realistic as ever. If you are having a hard time selecting a game, ask a knowledgeable salesman at your local electronics store to point you in the right direction.

Car App
A car app is a gift that can be easily purchased from the confines of your own home. While many car apps allow drivers to record performance data, there are other apps that help with everything from finding the cheapest gas station to finding the best car quotes to turning your smartphone into a dashboard camera.

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