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About Auto Repair Margate Fl

You Can’t Outguess Murphy

Whether you like it or not, Murphy’s Law will soon catch up with you. You are not immune to this law. It is not a question of “will it happen,” it is a question of “when will it happen?” According to Money Magazine, 78% of us will have a major negative event happen to us in any 10 year given time. Gallup conducted a poll a few years ago and found that only 4 and 10 Americans have cash on hand in case of an unexpected financial event or emergency. Margate, FL residents are not immune to Murphy. Only 10% say they have $1,000 in cash available in case of an emergency. These emergencies can be in the form of a household emergency, medical emergency and often an automobile event.

Auto Repair Margate Florida

Regular Car Maintenance Can Keep Murphy at Bay

Margate Florida residents may not be able to totally avoid Murphy, however can help reduce the chances of not having the funds to fix a problem by keeping up on their car maintenance. Spending money on simple car maintenance is, by far, the most economical way as opposed to a major car bill because you did not take the time to do the maintenance. In addition, you do not have to go into deep debt when spending money on car maintenance. Schedule your routine car maintenance with Dr Brakes Auto Repair and we can keep you from spending a bundle, when it does all go down! Visit us and look into our FREE Margate Auto Repair Inspection

Margate Start a Auto Repair Fund

Putting away $50 a paycheck will give you a car maintenance fund in no time. Just half of that $50 already can buy you an oil change. Having a car maintenance fund will allow you to breathe easier for two reasons.

  1. It allows you to start your regular maintenance right away.
  2. Once your regular maintenance is done, the rest of the year, by continuing

building your fund, you will have enough set aside in the event a larger car problem.

5 Car Maintenance Tips to Prevent Expensive Auto Repair

The Future As you rack up mileage on your car, it is important to note that replacing parts at certain mileage levels is key to avoiding roadside emergencies in the future.

  1. The Timing Belt: Luckily, one hundred thousand miles is the thresh hold before you need to change a timing belt, yet it cannot hurt to have it checked by a professional while you are getting other car maintenance done. Do not wait for it to go before changing it because it could cause a lot more damage under the hood. A $100 charge can turn into hundreds of dollars. A little tip: Have the repair shop give you the used timing belt and throw in the back of the trunk. It can help save you if you have a roadside emergency.
  2. Water Pump: The labor is minor and it is probably a smart thing to change about the same time you have your timing belt changed
  3. Alignment: Have your car aligned at least once a year. Improper alignment can reduce cash mileage and cause structural damage to the car.
  4. Tire Pressure: Check your tire pressure a least once a month. The proper PSI is located on the inside of the driver’s side door. Keeping your tires at the right pressure can save you on gas and can keep your tires, another major expense, from wearing out too early.
  5. Fluids: Fluids, like blood, are the lifeline of the car. Change your oil every 3000 miles and your transmission fluid about every 50,000 miles. If Margate, Florida residents follow a simple car maintenance checklist, they can expect to have their car last a long time.
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